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Brandi + Matt – UI

Yesterday I had the chance to do something I’ve been waiting for a long time now; I finally had the chance to photograph my beautiful goddaughter’s engagement photos.  Her wedding is this October in York, PA, and it’s going to be tough not to shed a tear while I’m shoot her coming down the aisle.  Oh yeah. Matt’s cool too! 😉

We had a blast yesterday going around to some great spots at Nemacolin Woodlands.  I absolutely love that place.  It’s one of my fav places to shoot!!

Lindsay + Jeremy 02.01.2014

This wedding season started out with a bang!

Over the winter I completely overhauled my equipment and went with a much smaller setup.  It gave the chance to be much more stealth and get much more of the emotions on the wedding day!

I got the chance to finally use it one a full gig with Lindsay and Jeremy.  We started out the day at the Priory so the bride and all of her ladies could get hair and makeup done, then get dressed.  Then off to Heinz Chapel for a beautiful ceremony.  Trying not freeze them, we shot a bit outside Heinz and then a brief stop at PPG Plaza (I want a bride and groom on skates, lol).   We then got back to the Priory for a wonderful candlelit reception.  It was good to get back behind the camera for weddings, as the winter break was too damn long!!!